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‚ÄčLavender Laundry Reviews & Testimonials

Five star customer service! Prompt, friendly and serviced performed just as requested! Pricing is great if you are just too busy to knock the laundry out yourself!
Excellent service and very reasonable price. You can get any size rugs, bedding, and cloths washed at this facility. We really appreciate their service. Place is clean and well organized.
Used to be Pacific Laundromat but is under new ownership. I liked it under the old ownership but really like the new owners and all the upgrades they've done so far. The new owners are super friendly as well. It's also surrounded by 2 drugstores and 2 restaurants so you can shop and eat while you're laundry is going. The laundromat itself offers coffee, snacks and sodas.
The 2 brand new washing machines are right as you go in the door. They are huge! $7 for one wash but you can fit tons of clothes in them. There are four brand new dryers directly left of the new washers. It costs 25 cents for 5 minutes. There is no way to over dry your clothes as the dryers are also amazing. I chatted for a while with the new owner and she and her partners are updating the location a little at a time.