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Laundry Facts


March 16, 2023

We have mounts of laundry piled at our home. So many people ask “how can I keep my laundry under control?” We know how irritating it is to have brown stains in your whites when picking up the laundry. We all have been there. The best way to sort your laundry is to have sun categories of your own. Here are some tips by lavender laundry to sort your laundry and make no accidents forever. 


Almost all the clothes with dark colors have a high tendency to bleed dye when being washed. Therefore to avoid damaging ur whites Whenever you're doing laundry you should pile up your whites to one mount and the other laundry to another pile. Then you can separate these nonwhite clothes into separate categories. For example, you can separate them as bright colored cloths, light-colored and dark-colored, etc.

Fabric Type

Next, Sort the 2 piles of laundry by fabric type. You should always look at the label of your cloth and check what type of fabric it has. Sometimes the washing instructions are also included in the label. then you should make piles accordingly. For example pile up the bedsheets curtains blankets etc in one mount and t-shirts blouses as another. Washing the laundry by fabric allows you to keep your laundry cycle much more simple. you can decide the correct amount of detergent as well as the water temperature

Amount of Dirt

The degree of soil is an important factor in sorting your laundry. Hence after sorting according to the fabric type you should, sort your piles according to the amount of dirt available in your laundry. This will allow you to pay more attention to the clothes that need thorough washing and this will protect your other clothes from damage. Pre-treating this pile will help you to do your laundry within a short time.

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