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​Dry Cleaners near Seattle

We Regret To Inform You That We Have Stopped Taking Dry Cleaning Orders Until Further Notice


Lavender Laundry can take care of all of your laundry needs - from washing your clothes to doing your dry cleaning. Why make two trips when you can make just one?

With our dry cleaning service you can drop off your clothes with us or we offer dry cleaning pickup. We will come to your door and pick up your clothes to be washed and/or to be dry cleaned and take them back to our laundromat. Just be sure that the laundry and the dry cleaning are in separate bags and the dry cleaning bag needs to be labeled.

We have partnered with some dry cleaners near Seattle so that you can streamline your time by doing two things at one time. Our dry cleaning pickup and delivery saves you time and limits your time out in public. So try our service and we will come to you.

Dry Cleaning Prices

  • Blouse $9.49
  • Cardigan $9.49
  • Coat $22.49
  • Coat down (Long) $31.49
  • Dress $14.49
  • Dress (Formal) $32.49
  • Hat $8.49
  • Jacket $10.49
  • Jeans $9.49
  • Jumpsuit $14.25
  • Lab Coat $9.99
  • Pants $9.49
  • Polo Shirt $7.49
  • Shirts $7.49
  • Shorts $8.49
  • Skirt $8.49
  • Suit (Two Piece) $17.49
  • Sweater $9.49
  • Tie $7.49
  • Vest $8.49
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