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5 Tips for Cleaning Kids Clothes without breaking a sweat

March 13, 2023

Kids Laundry

Keeping kids’ clothes clean is downright impossible. Kids are messy and sweaty, and keeping their clothes stain-free can be challenging. However, these 5 expert tips can help you clean kids’ clothes without going insane.

  1. Treat Stains Properly

    Kids’ clothes get all kinds of stains. From spilled food to fruit juices and chocolate to mud, stains can be tacky and stubborn and won’t go no matter what you do. However, different methods actually work for different kinds of stains. For example, protein stains (blood and food stains) can be washed with a detergent that contains enzymes to break down protein. It is recommended to wash protein stains with cold water. Dye stains like fruit juices can be cleaned by immediately running them under cold water and then put in the washer. Grass stains can be removed by soaking clothes in cold water and washing them with an enzyme-containing detergent. If you understand the nature of the stain, it gets easier to get rid of it.
  2. Wash dirty clothes as early as possible

    Don’t let the stains sit and get tacky. The sooner you put the dirty clothes in the washer, the easier it becomes to get rid of stains. Old stains become stubborn and would leave residue even after several washes. Spray a stain remover all over those dirty clothes and let them sit for a while. Put them in the washer and wash them with warm water.
  3. Wash Like items together

    It is a basic washing tip and works for all kinds of clothes. Every piece of clothing requires a different type of detergent, temperature, and wash cycle. Washing like items together will help you get clean clothes without worrying about ruining light and delicate fabrics.
  4. Use Good Quality Detergent

    Kids’ clothing requires frequent washing. Good quality laundry detergent will clean the clothes and leave the clothes smelling great. However, you should select a detergent, keeping in mind the clothing and your washer type. Detergents have chemicals. You should also keep allergies in the family in mind (some laundry detergents can trigger skin allergies and reactions) and select washing detergent accordingly.
  5. Use a Mesh Laundry Bag

    Kids’ clothing can have buttons, hooks, and Velcro, which can be difficult to handle in the washer. Putting kids’ clothing in a mesh laundry bag will prevent them from tangling and catching on to other garments. They also keep delicate clothes from stretching out and losing shape in harsh wash cycles.

Wrapping Up

No matter how tough the stains or tacky the grime, these 5 tips will help you keep your kids’ clothes just like new.


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