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Dry Cleaning

June 20, 2023


What is dry cleaning? Everyone thinks that it is a drying process and the clothes get hit with dry cleaning rays. The truth is that it’s nothing dry about it. it is very much of a wet process just without water as a solvent. The clothes get wet with a separate solvent but not with water as in usual washing. The solvent here is a hydrocarbon. You may call it an organic solvent as it comes from the Earth. It is a really good and safe solvent for clothes. Here at lavender laundry service, we use the solvent in such a way that it is mixed together with a detergent. Next, the clothes are cleansed with the mixture during the process. After that, the solvent is removed from the clothes utilizing mechanical actions, and drying of the clothes takes place. Finally, the pressing takes place. Pressing is nothing more than steaming the fabric and then vacuuming the steam out of it that sets the press. Lavender laundry service uses special fluids to remove stains and soils from your clothes. One of the most important advantages of dry cleaning is its ability to dissolve grease and oils in a way that water will not. But not just that! The benefits of dry cleaning go way beyond just removing stains and freshening garments.

In the modern world, dry cleaning innovations use greener products and are less abrasive on your clothing than old fashioned home washing and drying. Now you don’t have to worry about folding and ironing clothes yourself. You can leave it to the dry-cleaning service. The professional dry cleaners will do the extra work for you. Dry cleaning will use special tools and fluids to remove most stubborn stains and odors and also it can handle large items such as curtains, rugs, sofa covers, and size comforters. Also, one of the key points that are to be mentioned is that Dry cleaning helps your clothes last longer. When you have your clothes professionally dry cleaned and pressed, they will not be exposed to the clotting of fiber in the washing machine. So, is it time to have your clothes dry cleaned? Leave that to us! We lavender laundry service will have them picked up and delivered at your doorstep.

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