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Laundry Tips for Making Your Clothes Last (Almost) Forever

March 26, 2023

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We all have those favorite pieces of clothes that we don’t want to throw away just because they started to fade or fray. With more and more people turning towards a sustainable lifestyle, throwing clothes away doesn’t feel like an option. So, is there any way to make your clothes look good as new and last as long as possible? The answer is YES. Here are some laundry tips for making your clothes last forever, well, almost forever.

Use a Stain Removal Pen

Washing clothes over and over shortens its life span. Whether you spilled coffee on your shirt or got grass stains on your jeans, use a stain removal pen or wipe to clean the stain. The first and foremost rule for cleaning stains is to clean them as soon as possible. With a stain removal pen in your bag, you don’t have to wait till you reach home and put your clothes in the washer. The less your clothes go into the washer, the longer they live.

Use a Quality Detergent/Less Detergent

To increase the life of your favorite clothes, always wash them with good quality detergent. Sub-standard and cheap detergents will either drain the color or damage the fabric. It is better to use detergent with a built-in fabric softener to maintain the quality of clothing.

Believe it or not, more detergent does not mean cleaner clothes. Detergent is harmful to the clothes and the environment as well. Too much detergent in wash cycles leaves a residue, especially on dark-colored garments. The clothes look dull and feel stiff and starchy. To make your clothes last longer, always use detergent in smaller quantities, and to improve the standard of cleanliness, use baking soda as a detergent booster.

Always Read the Labels

Every piece of clothing comes with care instructions. These tags are stitched somewhere inside the clothes and should never be ignored if you want your clothes to last longer. These care labels contain instructions about the type of wash; machine wash, hand wash, dry clean, washing temperature (warm, hot, cold), washing machine program (delicate, normal cycle), bleaching and drying instructions, ironing, and warning signs. Following the instructions will improve the quality of your favorite clothes, and they will live longer.

Be Careful with Heat and Bleach

Warm or hot water is good for some clothes but not recommended for all clothes. It can damage the clothes by stretching or shrinking them.

Bleach that contains chlorine can damage the fabric. If used in high quantity, it can damage the white cotton fabric. To increase the life of your clothes, be careful with water temperature and bleach.

Always Sort your Laundry

While it is convenient to throw all kinds of clothes in the same laundry basket same isn’t recommended for washing the clothes, they should always be sorted before putting them in the washer. Sort clothes by color (put darker colored fabrics together) and material (wash towels and bed sheets separately). This will keep your clothes in good shape and make them last longer.



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