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Washing Bedding At A Laundromat

July 03, 2023



We all use bedding and it can be a challenge to keep them clean sometimes. If you have a typical washers and a dryer at home, your blankets/comforters may not fit in the washer/dryer. They need a lot of space inside the washer to wash properly and a big enough dryer to dry the beddings thoroughly.


Tips for prepping quilt/comforters/bedding before washing.

Due to size of the comforters, if you do not have enough space in the washer for the comforters to move, you have less chance of getting the stains out. So, you may need to treat the stains before you throw the comforters in a washer.

               You do want to fix any tears that you have on your beddings. There’s a big chance that the small tears can become larger tears after you wash them.

               Always read the care labels as some of the comforters require using cold water, low heat for drying, and some comforters can only be cleaned by a dry cleaner.


Washing comforters at a laundromat

               We have washers upto 80 pound in size. They are perfect for washing your beddings, and they have more room for your comforters/blankets to move around so they get washed better. Picking the correct type of detergents is important as some chemicals can be harsh for certain comforters. So, we recommend using mild detergents to wash your beddings. You need to make sure your beddings come out thoroughly dried when they come out of the dryer. It’s helpful if you throw a dryer ball or two in the dryer so the bulky items get dried evenly. Our friendly staff at our laundromat can help you out with any questions regarding washing your beddings at Lavender Laundromat. We also offer wash and fold service. If you have no time for doing laundry, you can always stop by and drop off your laundry at our laundromat. We will be careful and take care of your laundry just like we take care of our laundry. Visit us and leave your dirty work to us!

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